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A Corporate Solution Provider Specialized
In End-To-End Workspace Planning, System Furniture,
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System Furniture Supply

Providing a wide selection of expertly designed office furniture for your workspace or projects.

Work Space Planning

A team with expertise and insight to ensure your workplace supports creative yet functional design.

Build and Construction

Our highly skilled in-house contractor to build and transform your design into a reality.

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IOO Series

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Nero Series

Our clients absolutely adore us

Mr Ho Chee SunGeneral Manager , Chief Corporate Officer's Office, MRCB

“The team is outstanding! Our projects were challenging, both in scope and timeline. Along with these challenges, the team handled them well and they were extremely responsive. Flexible to changes and good time management. Highly Recommended!”

Ms Ch'ng Lin LingCEO, ParkCity Medical Centre

“We have good business partnership with Ambient Concept since last 6 years and always trust them with the design and products quality. Excellent customer service, experienced team, on and off-site support when it was needed.”

Aruneswaran selvamCo Founder, Appbros

“Great selection of office furniture, superb customer service! The sales team provided support through all aspects of design, ergonomics and installation.”

Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur

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